How to Avoid Skill Shortages in Your Organization

May 22, 2017

6:00 AM

By OrgChart Team


How to Avoid Skill Shortages in Your Organization

OrgChart Co-Founder Joe Kolinger presented this webcast at

Protecting your company from skill shortages is a ubiquitous problem.

Today, many companies are facing a common problem – they have plenty of “data” about their talent, but they have no straightforward way to get useful information out of that data and use it for decision making. Unfortunately, this lack of information could prevent skills shortages that greatly affect the organization’s ability to get the job done.

Joe Kolinger, President of Kolinger Associates, is no stranger to overcoming these challenges. With his extensive background in technology and management consulting, Kolinger sheds light on everyday business pain points and explains how to use data to avoid skills gaps and shortages in every type of organization.

In this webinar, Kolinger reviews how you can:

  • See you how your talent mix impacts the profitability and survival of the company
  • Turn your workforce data into useful information that can help you identify talent gaps, areas of high attrition, and even excess staffing
  • Establish a core set of talent metrics and a strategy to leverage them
  • Monitor workforce attrition on a consistent basis to identify problem areas in department management, talent acquisition, and talent development
  • Avoid being blindsided by talent gaps on your most critical programs
  • Model changes to your teams before a final decision is made to make sure you’re moving forward in the right direction
  • Plan your workforce to be able to handle new opportunities that may be on the horizon
  • Reduce the time needed to find new employees by proactively identifying key skill sets for important positions

View the webcast or download the full presentation.

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