Org Chart Automation for the Financial Sector

Financial Institutions need to produce org charts on an ongoing basis. Having accurate and professional org charts available is important for decision-making and compliance with regulatory requirements – but spending hours manually creating and updating org charts each week is both time-consuming and difficult. Organizational chart software seamlessly automates the process, making building and maintaining org charts a breeze.

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Get the org chart you need, whenever you need it.

Whether you are employed by a bank, credit union, investment company, financial services company, brokerage or a savings and loan, OrgChart can save you time and give you the professional quality results that you need. With OrgChart, Financial Institutions now have an efficient way to automate the generation of org charts, saving them countless hours so that they can focus on other important initiatives and easily satisfy ongoing regulatory and compliance needs.

Find out why OrgChart is the preferred solution for the financial sector.

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Key Features

OrgChart is an Enterprise-class solution that scales to meet the needs of the financial sector.

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Best-in-Class Export

Export to PDF, Microsoft Office including PPT, and other formats, including dynamic navigation within PDF and PPT documents.

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One-Click or Scheduled Synchronization

Keeps charts up to date without manual effort. Just click to synchronize your chart with your HR system.

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Fully Customizable Functionalities

Have full control over every aspect of your org chart – from colors, fonts, and the fields displayed in each box – to calculations and even the placement of your logo.

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Seamless Integration with over 50 HR Systems

Generate org charts directly from your HR system, making manual data entry a thing of the past—no more fighting with diagramming tools like PowerPoint and Visio.

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Data-Driven Rules

Formatting automatically updates as employees are added, moved, or have other attributes changed.

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Built-in Editing Tools Make Real-Time Updates to Charts Easy

Need to edit a chart before publishing. No problem. Easily remove, move, update, or delete boxes.

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Role-Based Security

With OrgChart, you have full control over who sees what. Control access to functionality, charts, and data using role-based security.

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“Point in Time” Charts

Historical charts for regulatory, compliance, or legal requirements are just a few clicks away.

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Industry-Best Client Support

In addition to help guides and documentation, OrgChart’s client service team is the best in the industry, offering one-on-one support when you need it.

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Secure Hosting

OrgChart is dedicated to keeping your data private, safe, and secure. All US-based government clients are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, with security designed to specifically address the regulatory and compliance requirements of government agencies.

SOC 2 Type II Compliance Badge

SOC 2 Type II





SOC 2 Type II Compliance Badge

SOC 2 Type II





  • OrgChart is taking our very manual org chart creation and making it easier to make changes. We were also able to easily add the new photos we took of all employees.

    Jacqueline W.,

    Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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  • Connects directly to our HRIS and updates on a normal cadence — we choose daily. You can also update as needed. Took several hours a month of org chart planning off of our plates … the ROI in terms of time spent is fantastic.

    Verified User in Pharmaceuticals,

    Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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  • OrgChart creates a perfect org chart that’s easy to update every time. Saves battling with MS Visio every time there a staffing change.

    Leo C.,

    Managing Director Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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  • The only comprehensive Org Chart software! Easy to set up templates, upload information, and build comprehensive charts. We have used the software to understand the span of control and ultimately organizational design.

    Jillian P.,

    Head of Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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  • Extremely easy to implement and use. Easy and fast to create charts, allowing the information to be always updated and even better, customised.

    Carolina F.,

    Sales Operations Lead

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  • It’s great for seeing our entire organization in a few clicks.

    Jason G.,

    Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

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