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March 18, 2020

1:30 PM

By OrgChart Team


The OrgChart Now Advantage - Speed and Efficiency

The OrgChart Now Advantage – Speed and Efficiency

In this new video series, we introduce the advantages of OfficeWork Software’s OrgChart Now.

Faster Navigation

As anyone who has created org charts manually in programs like Visio, any drawing program, PowerPoint or even Word can attest, producing an org chart can be a tedious and frustrating task. Making changes, fitting in the desired data and formatting boxes can feel like a time consuming waste to produce an org chart, a standard workplace document. Automating your org chart using a specialized software saves time both in creating new ones and keeping existing ones updated as your company’s structure evolves.

Faster Search

Like any presentation, a single version of an org chart is not going to satisfy every need and has to adapt to each audience. To be useful, an org chart needs to be rapidly searchable under any criteria so users can get the information they need on demand.

Faster Creation

OrgCharts also need to be able to accommodate novel organizational structures such as co-leadership. Creating these scenarios with a click of a button saves hours of creative thinking.

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