Automated Charts for Project-based Organizational Structures

December 2, 2020

12:17 AM

By OrgChart Team


Time Allocation by Project

Up to 80 percent of the features in enterprise cloud software products are rarely or never used, according to a study conducted by Pendo, a company with notable customers such as Salesforce, Coupa, Gainsight, BMC, and Sprinklr. At OrgChart, we believe the solution to unlocking the value of our software is close collaboration between the companies we work with and our experts. By listening to our clients, we can direct them to solutions using the software they already own, saving them time and money.

A shift in the modern day workforce, one set to continue according to 80 percent of executives interviewed in an Accenture review, is from role-based work to project-based work. Instead of company departments working in silos, project teams of employees and contractors come together to perform the work.

Of course, this setup provides workforce management challenges. Teams must have the right mix of skills to fulfill the requirements of each project and supervisory responsibilities need to be addressed.

That’s where a visual workforce planning solution can add value. In this example, we helped one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world solve a problem that they had previously spent hours trying to fix manually.. This company periodically produced allocation charts to better understand the project allocation for directors and their reports. Instead of adding this information manually, OrgChart pulled directly from WorkDay via its integration. Groupings and calculations created org charts that clearly showed the allocation of resources to each project within the hierarchical structure of the company. The charts also showed open requisitions, allowing HR to clearly see hiring gaps that could hold up projects or teams.

Chart with allocation by project

Chart with allocation by project

Better Project Allocation, Powered by OrgChart

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