Using OrgChart Templates

November 3, 2021

12:08 AM

By OrgChart Team


Using OrgChart Templates

Implementing templates to create organizational charts company-wide can have many benefits. OrgChart has 15+ templates to choose from which can easily be customized with company logos and color schemes to keep them consistent across the entire organization. Our templates also represent a spectrum of important HR visualizations, from the traditional directory view to more sophisticated workforce planning templates to guide advanced HR strategy sessions.

Using OrgChart Templates

Branded org chart in OrgChart Now

Org charts are often only shared internally, although it’s becoming more common to share them publicly. Whatever access management decides is appropriate, it’s important to align internal and external communications. The more the brand is identified with internally, the better it will be communicated externally by employees.

In our desktop solution, OrgChart Platinum, adding the company logo to your charts is as simple as pulling the image file from your local drive. A legend and formatting can then be applied in a standard fashion to the various charts across business units of a company. Custom color-coding can be used to highlight key features of the charts. Even calculations can be built into the templates so that visualization and interpretation of the data is consistent across the organization.

Adding a logo image to OrgChart Platinum

Our work with a large multinational automotive company was just one example of how OrgChart can provide workforce visualizations more efficiently. Over 500 HR professionals had an ongoing need to produce organizational charts. Org charts generated using various draw tools (Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Lucidchart) by various departments of the same organization meant thousands of hours were spent manually creating and updating org charts. Management was frustrated with inconsistent, inaccurate and low quality of the visualizations being produced. After switching to OrgChart Now, org charts were generated in seconds from Workday data, the company’s HRIS system. Org charts were standardized across the organization (common colors, logos, formulas, conditional formats, fields values, etc.) and resulted in an accurate, brand consistent, high quality product across the organization.

Organizational charts are not limited to business and can be used to calculate headcount and provide financial summaries for schools, government and NPOs. Looking at good examples of organizational charts is a good place to start to get an idea of what will best reflect the mission of a company. Optimal presentation will vary depending on the main message to be communicated. Some organizations are most easily depicted by their payroll structure and others will be position-based or role-based views.

OrgChart templates can also be used for specific goals of human resource planning. OrgChart Platinum Version 12.5 introduced two new intelligent templates that are pre-set to provide useful alternate views of the organization to help management make strategic decisions. The first allows management to plan for the inevitable turnover of staff and to identify what replacement resources are available. The second allows tracking of workplace development initiatives.

Workforce Development Template

When it comes to presenting the charts, OrgChart offers many options to best accommodate the audience. Charts can be hosted on the company intranet or exported to PDF and Powerpoint for emailing, Zoom and in-person presentations. One-click sharing of OrgChart makes moving from production to presentation simple, and having org charts connected directly to the HRIS of the company ensures data is always up-to-date.

To request a presentation of our various templates and how they can be best applied, connect with one of our experts!