Waiting to Automate Your Org Charts Is Bad for Business

June 29, 2023

1:13 PM

By OrgChart Team


The Hidden Costs of Manual Org Chart Creation

The Hidden Costs of Manual Org Chart Creation

Manual org chart management involves a high hidden cost that goes beyond money. The manual creation of org charts can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. HR professionals must gather information, cross-check data, and often use graphical software to design charts. This can take hours, if not days, depending on the size and complexity of the organization. At a high level, we’re talking about:

  • Constantly out-of-date org charts
  • Manual employee data updates
  • Resources diverted from strategic HR functions

But it’s not a one-and-done problem — org chart inefficiencies compound throughout the business.

The Escalating Problem of Manual Organization Chart Creation

Manually creating an organizational chart is an escalating issue. As businesses grow and evolve, so does the need for rapid access to accurate org charts. But without automation software like OrgChart, this task can become time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • The manual process struggles to keep pace with rapid business changes
  • Errors can occur due to the sheer volume of information
  • The time needed to create and update charts manually can delay access to vital information

When businesses create org charts manually or rely on out-of-the-box solutions, they run the risk of producing charts that are quickly outdated. This lag in information can frustrate staff, as they cannot access the up-to-date information they need. Inaccurate or out-of-date charts can impede business decisions, leading to inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

But it doesn’t stop there. Manual org chart creation can lead to inefficiencies in onboarding, impact employee morale, result in resource misallocation, and create a dependency on key personnel. Furthermore, it can lead to inefficiency in communication and serve as an impediment to business continuity planning. All these hidden costs of manual org chart creation underline the necessity for automation, making waiting to automate your org charts a risky move.

Frustrated Staff Using Out-of-Date Org Charts
Every moment HR professionals spend creating org charts by hand is a moment that could have been invested in strategic HR tasks, such as talent acquisition, performance management, and leadership development.

  • Inefficiency in Onboarding: A clear, accurate, and up-to-date org chart is vital for new hires to understand the company’s structure. If your org chart is outdated or confusing, it could slow the onboarding process and create a poor first impression.
  • Impact on Employee Morale: When org charts are inaccurate or out-of-date, it can lead to feelings of frustration or confusion, which could negatively impact employee morale and engagement.
  • Resource Misallocation: The time spent manually creating and updating org charts could be better used on more strategic and impactful HR initiatives, such as employee development, talent acquisition, and retention strategies.
  • Dependency on Key Personnel: In many organizations, only one or two individuals know how to create or update the org chart. If these key people are absent or leave the company, it can create a significant knowledge gap.
  • Inefficiency in Communication: In large organizations, org charts can help improve cross-departmental communication and collaboration. Outdated or inaccurate org charts can lead to misunderstandings and inefficiencies, slowing projects and reducing productivity.
  • Impediment to Business Continuity Planning: Accurate and up-to-date org charts are crucial for succession planning and business continuity planning. These planning efforts can be compromised without an accurate view of the organization.

Frustrated Staff Using Out-of-Date Charts Can’t Get the Information They Need

An out-of-date org chart can create confusion and frustration among employees. It can make it difficult for staff to understand the organization’s current state, identify who is in what role, and clearly see the chain of command. When organizational changes aren’t reflected accurately and promptly in the org chart, it becomes a source of misinformation rather than a helpful tool.

OrgChart ensures that you always have up-to-date org charts at your fingertips. The software integrates seamlessly with your HR and applicant-tracking systems, generating dynamic org charts that accurately reflect your organization’s current state.

Exasperated exmployee using out-of-date org charts

Frustration Breeds Inefficiency: The Perils of Out-of-Date Org Charts

Outdated org charts cause more than just confusion; they breed inefficiency. When employees can’t access up-to-date information, productivity decreases, and frustration levels rise. This, in turn, can negatively affect the business’s overall performance

  • Decreased productivity due to lack of access to current information
  • Increased employee frustration levels
  • Negative impact on overall business performance

Poor Decisions Follow Inaccurate Charts

Org charts play a crucial role in business decision-making. They provide a clear picture of the organization’s structure, making it easier to identify gaps, understand reporting structures, and visualize the distribution of roles and responsibilities.

Inaccurate charts impede business decisions. When these charts are outdated or don’t contain the fields you need, they can lead to poor choices and missed opportunities, impacting the company’s long‑term performance.

The solution to these issues is closer than you think: org chart automation software. Transitioning to automated org chart software is vital for accurate strategic decision‑making.

Get the Org Chart You Need, Whenever You Need It

OrgChart is more than just an org chart creator; it’s a strategic tool for HR professionals. By seamlessly integrating with your HR and applicant-tracking systems, OrgChart generates dynamic and accurate org charts that provide real-time visibility into critical workforce metrics.

  • Integrates with HR and applicant-tracking systems for always up-to-date org charts
  • Generates dynamic and accurate, purpose-built org charts whenever you need them
  • Real-time visibility into vital metrics, displayed in a stunning org chart
  • View, share, and manage org charts via weblink, your intranet, pdf, PowerPoint, and more
  • Accurate data analysis, efficient strategic planning, and comprehensive workforce visibility
Restructure with Average Span of Control

With OrgChart, the org chart automation and workforce planning solution built for HR managers, you can streamline the creation of your org charts, saving precious time and maximizing productivity. With OrgChart, having an up-to-date org chart at your fingertips is not a dream, but a reality. You can view, share, and manage your org charts in multiple formats, ensuring accurate data analysis, efficient strategic planning, and comprehensive workforce visibility.

User-Specific Access: Empower Staff without Compromising Security

OrgChart also offers user-specific access to org charts. By integrating OrgChart with your Single Sign-On (SSO) platform and embedding charts directly into your intranet, you can ensure everyone has the information they need without compromising security.

  • Customizable access groups and granular security options
  • Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms
  • Embed org charts directly into your intranet

Drive Informed Decisions: OrgChart for Diverse Employee Insights

OrgChart is more than just an automated org chart solution; it’s a platform for insights. You can create custom formulas to track the metrics you care about, visualize your organization’s position structure, and generate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) charts for each department.

Open Position Headcounts
  • Enjoy custom formulas to track metrics
  • Visualize the organization’s structure, including dotted‑line relationships
  • Quickly generate DEI charts for each department

Automate and Elevate: Harness the Power of OrgChart for Seamless Workforce Planning

With OrgChart, you can leverage your always-up-to-date org charts to drive informed decision-making. The software enables you to integrate employee data from multiple sources for an accurate and comprehensive organizational chart. This aids in revealing gaps and trends, thus assisting in more intelligent business planning. The automated features of OrgChart allow swift creation and update of organizational charts, drastically reducing production time and enhancing results. With automated org chart generation, businesses can plan for future growth effectively and efficiently.

Planning with Total Salary
If you’re an HR professional who frequently needs to create and update org charts, don’t wait to automate your org charts. Discover the ease of org chart creation and the insights it can offer your business. Request your OrgChart demo today and experience your HR processes’ transformation.

Embrace the power of automation with OrgChart. It keeps your org charts up-to-date and aligned with your HR system, making workforce planning seamless. Plus, with the ability to personalize your charts, you get the information you need exactly how you need it.

Don’t Wait: Automate Your Org Charts Now

Automating your org charts brings substantial benefits, such as saving time, reducing frustration, enhancing accuracy, and improving strategic decision-making. Waiting to implement org chart automation software like OrgChart means missing these benefits. So, why wait? Start automating today. Enjoy org charts that are:

  • Accurate
  • Automated
  • Branded
  • Customized
  • Secure

Request a quote today!