Why You Should Avoid Free Org Chart Software

February 22, 2023

10:40 AM

By OrgChart Team


Why You Should Avoid Free Org Chart Software

In order to be a strategic internal business partner, today’s HR department needs visual tools to illustrate how they can help shape broader organizational strategy. The result: companies can quickly adapt to change, scaling up or down as the business climate or new opportunities dictate.

For HR, providing actionable insights begins and ends with the org chart. Evaluating available org chart solutions can be daunting, especially when there are free org chart options available that appear to get the job done. 

Yes, gone are the days of making org charts manually in PowerPoint, but have you thought beyond automation to what else the right org chart could do for your organization? For example, free org chart solutions have limited options for data visualization, business case and department customization, and scenario planning — crucial functionality for forward-thinking organizations. Here are some initial questions you should consider before testing any org chart solution.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Up for an Org Chart Demo

While automated org charts work in the pretty much same vein, they vary immensely in terms of visualization and customization options. That’s why HR professionals ask the following questions before test-driving an org chart solution:

Is it scalable?

Are you increasing headcount in a new office location? Is your organization going through a merger or acquisition? Is an RIF (reduction in force) imminent? And do you want to manually re-create your org chart with every change?

Companies are dynamic — don’t expect anything less from your org chart software. In order to proactively manage changes to organizational size and structure, a scalable solution is paramount. Scalability enables HR to maintain efficiency and ensure clear lines of communication and decision-making, even as the number of employees and departments increases.

Is it secure?

Single sign-on. Granular access control. Encrypted databases. Now more than ever, it is easy for sensitive information and data to fall into the wrong hands. Protect your data — including information about the structure of the company, the responsibilities of individual employees, and details about internal processes and systems — with secure org chart solutions. A secure org chart can also help to ensure information is shared only with those who need it, reducing the risk of mistakes or miscommunications.

How much do you need to customize the org chart according to your needs?

Do you want to add employees’ photos or emails? What about differentiation among full-time, part-time, and contract workers? Are you able to see where vacant positions are by department? This level of customization is hard to come by in free org chart software, and if you’re charting manually, it’s going to cost you more time than it should. 

Having the flexibility to include data points important to your organization’s top line goals is particularly valuable during times of growth, restructuring, or realignment of departments and locations. As organizational planning takes shape, you’ll want to easily share the outcome to ensure both leaders and employees understand their roles and responsibilities, can effectively communicate and collaborate, and are able to support HR in decision-making and strategic planning.

Does the org chart enable real-time collaboration?

Cross-department collaboration is essential for growth. From mapping out future states (without modifying the current, live org chart) to planning company-wide DEI initiatives, leaders and employees at all levels need to understand the impact of change in real-time. 

With this level of collaboration, everyone has access to the latest org chart, increasing the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of decision-making while fostering a more inclusive work environment. Real-time collaboration in org chart software is also vital to organizations with remote or hybrid workforces.

Can you easily integrate data from payroll management and HR information systems?

Your org chart software should allow you to interact with myriad data variables, via API integration, without logging into multiple systems. Importing from an existing HRIS or spreadsheet should be seamless, with the ability to update anytime with a single click.

API integration is essential to automating HR processes, while also reducing the risk of human error. Automatically importing employee data from your organization’s HRIS and payroll management systems, for example, ensures the org chart is always up-to-date, improves data accuracy and consistency, and creates a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Why You Should Choose OrgChart Now

OrgChart Now creates the org chart you need, when you need it. It helps organizations make data-driven decisions that put the right people, in the right positions, at the right time. Unlike free org chart software, OrgChart Now is flexible, secure, and connects with existing HR tools and data for a seamless workplace visualization experience.

A highly effective, rapid-response solution for workplace visualization, talent management, and scenario planning, OrgChart Now helps you get up and running quickly in order to:

  • Get complete visual understanding of your company from a secure, scalable solution
  • See the current state of your organization in real-time, via automatic updates
  • Understand the depth and breadth of employee talents
  • Uncover emerging trends in your workforce
  • Reveal synergies between team needs and available talent

Why Choose OrgChart Now

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