Introducing OrgChart Platinum’s Facial Recognition Feature

July 16, 2019

12:35 PM

By OrgChart Team


What’s that new guy’s name again? Your OrgChart could have the answer. Offering unparalleled visibility into your organization’s current and future state, OrgChart provides the most essential and powerful tool for HR professionals worldwide — now with facial recognition.

This innovative function is specifically designed to facilitate social interactions within your organization. It harnesses the power of visual memory to help you recall names and essential details about colleagues and employees.

If you’ve ever forgotten the name of a colleague or needed to find an employee’s manager, this feature is for you. Upload employee identification photos into the OrgChart system, enable the “Find By Photo” function, and browse the visual directory of your entire organization. Click on any image to reveal full employee details. Include photos in your org chart to provide a complete picture of your team, further enhancing communication and collaboration.

“OrgChart is thrilled to announce this enhancement to its suite of organizational visualization solutions that revolutionizes how HR professionals understand, manage, and influence their organizations,” says CEO Tom McCarty.

OrgChart – More Than Just an Org Chart Software

By compiling all your people data into one easily accessible place, OrgChart gives you an accurate view of your organization at any moment. The software tracks metrics, spots gaps, and accelerates onboarding, ensuring everyone knows who’s who. OrgChart boosts efficiency by making people-related information available when you need it. More than just a static organizational chart, OrgChart adapts to represent your organization’s reality.

Future State Visualization with OrgChart

While delivering a clear view of the present, OrgChart also offers a unique perspective on your organization’s future. Our software lets you model organizational changes and understand their potential impact. Custom metrics, goal-setting, and progress tracking align your organizational structure with strategic goals. Collaborate in real-time with key stakeholders to create actionable future workforce plans and prepare for significant people-related changes or forecast organizational structures post-merger.

OrgChart – Your Ultimate Tool for Workforce Planning and Visibility

OrgChart’s customizable charts, backed by unmatched client support, ensure you have the org chart you need, whenever you need it. OrgChart is efficient, effective, and informed, designed to transform your data into valuable tools that can optimize your organization’s structure and goals. Our Visibility-Insight-Vision framework enables you to create organizational visibility, generate insights, and build a future vision.

Ready to Unlock the Potential of Your Org Chart?

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OrgChart specializes in developing innovative software solutions for HR professionals worldwide. Focusing on providing detailed visibility, insights, and vision, OrgChart is dedicated to helping organizations visualize their current and future structure, facilitate workforce planning, and leverage their people data.