Mind the Gap: Open Positions

July 31, 2019

7:15 PM

By OrgChart Team


Managing Open Positions

Mind the Gap:

Managing Open Positions in Your Organization

Identifying and filling open positions quickly and effectively is a priority for the human resources department of any organization. Employees come and go constantly, not just with resignations but retirements, promotions and relocations. Gaps in the organization need to be identified in real-time and a strategy for filling them put in place immediately. OrgChart’s Open Positions functionality allows gaps in the organization to be easily highlighted and visualized.

Using OrgChart software to manage open positions:

Adjust employee status

  • Switch the status of an employee or job title by selecting Open Position from the pull down menu.
  • Adjust conditional formatting so open positions are instantly identified by color.
  • Toggle between statuses – Employee, Candidate, Decline, Open Position.
  • See the effect open positions have on the budget and headcount for that group.

Use the Staging Area to fill open positions

  • Import entire lists of candidates into the Staging Area from a spreadsheet to visualize the options for filling an open position.
  • Display which metrics of potential candidates are important; employee rating, salary, years at the company.
  • Transport employees to different groups within the organization and slide them into different positions in the reporting structure.

Using OrgChart, human resource managers can rise to the challenge of filling open positions by easily recognizing, monitoring and planning changes to their workplaces.