Collaborative Planning with OCN

August 26, 2020

6:40 AM

By OrgChart Team


Collaborative Planning with OrgChart Now

Collaborative Planning with OrgChart Now

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, many organizations are having to plan for future headcount adjustments with haste. The ability to execute a new business strategy days or weeks earlier than previous processes allowed can translate into significant cost savings. It could even be a factor in determining the continued operations of a company facing uncertain times.

For most companies right now, traditional planning meetings held in a boardroom with executives pouring over a whiteboard or screen together, are a thing of the past. But stakeholders working simultaneously on a plan, often spread geographically over multiple time zones, is still an essential process. OrgChart Now offers a new Collaborative Planning Module that facilitates workforce planning and talent reviews by giving all the relevant stakeholders easy access to visualize up-to-date HR data.

Real-time charting

With employment conditions changing daily, decision makers can’t afford to be working from out dated information. OrgChart Now charts are automatically synchronized with source HR data. Everyone on the planning team will be working with refreshed data pulled in from the all the most widely used HR systems available today. OrgChart Now integrates directly with over 40 HR systems including ADP, BambooHR, Ceridian, UKGPro, Workday, Oracle, iCIMS and Greenhouse as well as traditional spreadsheets.

Security and access

Certain information may need to be protected from certain parties involved in the planning process. Row level security—access to fields at the individual box level such as compensation information—is available in OrgChart Now. This allows users in various strata of the organization to be involved in the planning without being distracted by information they don’t need.

User changes tracking

Essential in any collaboration software is the ability to see who changed what and when. OrgChart Now solves this problem with a complete audit system that tracks changes by contributor and the time they are made. There’s also functionality to rollback to previous versions of the plan.

Changes made to individual boxes of the chart are also identified. Symbols denote employees being moved in or out of the organization or internal groups and more detailed comments can be made directly to the chart as needed.

Multi-national support

A global workforce presents special challenges for the planning process. Communication breakdowns are reduced if members of the planning teams have access to the data in their native language. With OrgChart Now’s collaboration tool, labels and profiles of the chart are translated to the user’s language preference to avoid confusion.

Planning organizational change with OrgChart Now’s Collaboration Planning Module saves time and money.Start your Free OrgChart Now trial today or schedule a demo with one of our experts, to find out how various stakeholders tasked with securing the company’s future can work together efficiently to achieve positive change.