Automate Your Org Charts with Better HR Data Integrations

August 12, 2020

12:50 AM

By OrgChart Team


Automate Your Org Charts with Better HR Data Integrations

Supercharge Your Workforce and Succession Planning with OrgChart

Streamline workforce planning and succession planning strategies with OrgChart’s real-time, automated solutions. OrgChart elevates your organizational charts to new heights, improving visibility, providing insights, and shaping your vision, all through a single user-friendly interface.

Experience the real-time benefits of an automated org chart software that integrates your existing HR data into a single source of truth: your org chart. Manual data transfer into Visio, Word, or PowerPoint can be tedious and error-prone. OrgChart eliminates these inefficiencies by pulling data directly from your HR information and applicant-tracking systems, guaranteeing up-to-the-minute accuracy, and freeing up your valuable time.

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Why Transition to the Ultimate Organizational Chart Software?

OrgChart seamlessly integrates with HRIS, payroll systems, and even Excel, facilitating the automatic creation of professional organizational charts. Switching to an automated solution with OrgChart includes a low-lift implementation. Here’s everything that’s great about the transition:

  • Large Data Sets – No matter the size of your organization, OrgChart can effortlessly handle your data. OrgChart is built for scalability.
  • Excel (or CSV) File Import – OrgChart accommodates data housed in Excel spreadsheets or CSV files, ensuring you don’t miss information.
  • Direct Query – Import data directly from HR systems with OrgChart, negating the need for static spreadsheet imports each time the chart is updated.
  • Dropbox – Even without direct query, use FTP Dropbox to push HR data into OrgChart.
  • Automatic Page Breaks – OrgChart caters to businesses of all sizes, and our automatic page breaks feature ensures clear and coherent charts even for large enterprise organizations.
  • Automatic Data Refresh – Reflect updates, such as supervisor changes, title changes, and job exits, with a single click for real-time organizational structure visibility.
  • Scheduled Data Refresh – OrgChart updates your charts regularly, reducing the load on HR and ensuring your organization never misses a beat.
  • Employee Photos – Enhance your organizational structure visual with automatic updates of employee profile photos upon data refresh.
  • Conditional Formatting – OrgChart provides color-coded identification of vacant positions for easy recognition, among other data-driven format changes.
  • Manual Updates – OrgChart provides the flexibility to make manual updates when necessary, delivering accurate charts even with a backlog in core HR data updates.

Empower your Organization with OrgChart: The Key to Visionary Growth

A comprehensive understanding of your company’s current data status will guide you in choosing the org chart automation solution that allows you to create compelling, automated org charts. Refer to our OrgChart connector directory to see our integrations with the data sources you’re already using.

OrgChart is your key to maintaining and growing an organization with confidence. Ready to unlock the power of automated organizational charting? Request a quote today, and set your business on a path to enhanced visibility, insightful decision-making, and organizational growth.