Employee Benefit Awareness

July 28, 2020

8:18 PM

By OrgChart Team


Increasing Employee Benefits Awareness

Increasing Employee Awareness of Company Benefits

Taking care of employees’ mental, physical and financial health has never been so critical in the workplace. Sudden and sweeping changes to workday norms such as remote working, organizational restructures and family schedules have taken hold. Benefit packages are meticulously planned, selected and negotiated by HR departments to support employees. Yet these programs, once running, need constant analysis to examine uptake and effectiveness. Employees are often unaware of the benefits available to them, leading to a low adoption rate. In this time of change, important programs such as subsidized gym memberships may have suddenly become obsolete and in need of replacement.

OrgChart software offers clear visuals of the workforce and engagement in benefit programs. The Employee Benefit Metric can be displayed at the individual level but also rolled up at the management level to compare different departments of the organization. Inspection of these charts not only shine a light on underutilized programs but can also be used to measure the associated costs.

If certain programs are identified as being underutilized post-analysis, several reasons could be at play. Perhaps communication is poor or maybe it’s too difficult or complicated to enroll. Checking in with employees via a survey is one strategy to identify problem areas. Policies can then be made to address the situation. For example, a virtual running club may have to replace gym memberships in the immediate future to keep the workforce active and engaged.

OrgChart’s automated charts are helpful to any HR manager wanting to understand and correct the effectiveness of their employee benefit offerings. OrgChart can pull data from a variety of sources, then colors and markers can be assigned to highlight important data points. Going a step further, OrgChart can be used to model ’what if’ scenarios to ensure the benefits strategy is being explored from every angle available.

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