Using Icons in Org Charts

July 15, 2020

12:13 AM

By OrgChart Team


Using Icons in Org Charts

Organizational charts have been ubiquitous in the workplace since the mid-1800s. They serve to offer a clear visual snapshot of an organization from a high level. Today’s sophisticated org chart software now allows users to drill down into the various subsections of a chart for a more detailed analysis. In an age where information overflows from our screens, and must be consumed in seconds, icons have become a popular way to communicate. An icon, simply defined, is a sign that resembles something.

Some of the advantages of using icons in org charts:

  • Internationally recognizable, the icon breaks down language barriers that may exist within an organization.
  • Eyes are instantly drawn to icons. Rather than reading through the text, the icon can instantly communicate a category of information.
  • If used consistently across the organization, icons can promote recall among employees and strengthen company branding and identity.
  • Clutter is reduced on charts by replacing words or phrases with simple visuals.

Moving to an icon based org chart can help users quickly sift through charts for the information they need. The ability to toggle between color coded icons, as in the example above with essential and non-essential workers, can be a time saver when information is needed on the fly. With workforces more dispersed than ever, the org chart continues to be a powerful tool to keep an organization united.

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