How to Use the 9-box Grid for Better HR Planning

August 14, 2019

12:54 PM

By OrgChart Team


How to Use the 9-box Grid for Better HR Planning

Understanding the 9-Box Grid in HR Planning

The 9-box grid is a strategic tool that provides a visual display of employee performance and potential. This matrix is often used in succession planning, talent management, and employee development strategies. The 9-box grid is a versatile tool in HR toolboxes that aids in identifying high performing and high potential individuals, to deliver a dynamic view of the workforce.

In conjunction with technology such as OrgChart, the 9-box grid can help HR teams streamline talent management, succession planning, and development strategies, offering a clear path for employee growth within the organization.

Visualizing Employee Performance with OrgChart’s 9‑Box Grid

OrgChart’s built-in 9-box grid allows you to import your employee data and generate a comprehensive snapshot of performance and potential across your organization. It uses a color-coded system — green, yellow, and red — to provide an intuitive visual representation of each employee’s skill level and potential.

9-Box Org Chart with Promotability

The Benefits of Using the 9‑Box Grid

Implementing the 9-box grid brings several advantages for your company, including:

  • A standardized method of assessing talent across the organization.
  • Aid in identifying high potential and misplaced employees for targeted development or redirection.
  • An effective tool for succession planning and talent management.

Potential Drawbacks of the 9‑Box Grid

Despite its numerous benefits, the 9-box grid is not without some criticisms. These include:

  • Criteria for ranking performance and potential can be subjective and vary drastically between managers and departments.
  • Lacks room for a holistic evaluation of an employee, leading to a narrow and sometimes inaccurate portrayal of an individual’s performance.
  • Employees might feel restricted within their designated ‘box’, affecting their perceived value and potential.

Optimizing the Use of the 9‑Box Grid

Despite these potential limitations, integrating 9-box grid data on an org chart can significantly aid management in aligning performance and potential of their employees, leading to an effective succession plan. The key is to use the tool judiciously and transparently, ensuring a fair and equitable assessment of all employees. If you only use the 9-box behind closed doors, you may not experience its full potential.

The importance of transparency and fairness when using tools like the 9-box grid cannot be understated. For any assessment tool to be effective, it must be used with a high degree of transparency, and the results must be communicated in a way that is fair and equitable. This means employees should be aware of their placement on the 9-box grid and understand how they can move to a different box.

Annual reviews may not be enough to capture the dynamic nature of an employee’s performance and potential. Regular feedback and updates are crucial to avoid employees feeling boxed in by the exercise.

By applying these principles to the use of the 9-box grid in OrgChart, organizations can ensure they are providing a fair and accurate representation of their employee’s performance and potential. This can significantly aid in succession planning and the overall development of an organization’s talent pool.

The 9-box grid, when used appropriately, can be a powerful tool for HR planning. With OrgChart, organizations can effortlessly leverage this matrix to drive talent management, succession planning, and overall organizational growth.

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