OWS Receives Award from ADP

October 23, 2020

4:15 AM

By OrgChart Team


OfficeWork Software Receives 2020 ADP Marketplace Award

OfficeWork Software Receives ADP Marketplace 2020 Best Digital e‑Commerce Award

For the second year running, OrgChart Now software is recognized by ADP Marketplace

Novato CA, October 23, 2020 – OfficeWork Software, a leader in organizational charting and workforce planning announced that it has received for the second year running the ADP Marketplace 2020 Best Digital e-Commerce Award at the ADP Marketplace Partner Summit. OfficeWork Software is honored to receive the award for its continued success in developing its software to stay ahead of user needs and market demands. ADP Marketplace gives over 80,000 businesses around the world access to OrgChart Now and other best-in-class enterprise HR solutions.

OrgChart Now® provides clear visualizations of the workforce and is designed to help HR managers plan the future of their workplaces. It serves up secure and real-time data by connecting to ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Vantage HCM®, and ADP Enterprise® Ev5 to generate rich, accurate org charts. Over 1,800 OrgChart Now clients use the cloud-based software for a range of HR tasks including automation of organizational charting, organizational modeling, managing of open positions, span-of-control analysis, and succession planning.

OrgChart Now Highlights:

Integrates directly with ADP Workforce Now, ADP Vantage HCM, and ADP Enterprise Ev5

Automatically imports and/or combines data from multiple HR data sources once activated

Real-time syncing and sharing means org charts are always ready for team collaboration

Custom branded formatting of the org chart to meet business requirements

“The OrgChart Now solution has been developed alongside ADP Marketplace, evolving to meet the demands of a dispersed workforce”, said Jonathan Kahn, VP of Marketing. “Our clients love how the program seamlessly pulls in HRIS data from their existing ADP platforms to provide charts that can be analyzed and worked on collaboratively for a range of strategic purposes. We’re proud to win this award for the second year running as validation of its value to HR teams.”

“OrgChart Now is always willing to pilot new initiatives,” said Craig Cohen, DVP and general manager, ADP Marketplace. “They use their analytics to identify opportunities and drive strategy for their next project. The team has a great understanding of ADP through our partnership, and they are willing to be flexible to meet any client’s needs.”

Companies using ADP Workforce Now or ADP Vantage HCM can try OrgChart Now by signing up on ADP Marketplace.

About OfficeWork Software, LLC.

OfficeWork Software is a leader in organizational charting and workforce modeling and planning. Our OrgChart solution is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to chart, analyze, plan and gain better insight about their organization across multiple industries from non-profits, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

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