OrgChart Workforce Planning Software Helps Leaders Prioritize, Plan for Reorgs, Mergers

August 12, 2021

12:00 AM

By OrgChart Team


Reorgs & Mergers Using Org Charts

Like many business activities, early 2020 saw a slow down in merger and acquisitions. By late 2020 however, according to a June 2021 M&A market survey by DealWare, 72 percent of respondents reported deal counts were the same or higher than the previous year.

In any organizational restructuring or acquisition, stakeholders must work together to make tough decisions and find optimal solutions. Business priorities must be aligned, and answers to questions must be found quickly for successful transitions.

OrgChart software can help accelerate reorgs and mergers by providing an easy way to visualize workforce structure, and communicate proposed models during this critical time period. Planning is key, and OrgChart’s automations provide an important piece of the framework to help you better envision the future.

Three steps to facilitate reorgs and mergers using charts:

Step 1: Consolidate the Data

To properly analyze the future workforce following a merger or acquisition, data from both company sources need to be combined. OrgChart enables import from more than 40 HRIS and applicant-tracking systems, so both organizational structures can be reviewed and compared.

Step 2: Decide Which Data Points Matter

In most M&A scenarios, talent gaps and talent overlap must be identified to make efficient restructuring decisions. Potentially important variables, such as salary, performance, and years of experience help management decide how best to rearrange talent. OrgChart enables clear visualizations of the data in a chart format to speed up the decision-making process.

Step 3: Model Hypothetical Scenarios

Create and test new organizational structures after deciding the important key variables. OrgChart empowers personnel movement modeling and grouping, and calculates the effects of these changes in real‑time.

Promotability with Backfill in OrgChart

As an example, OrgChart worked with a large internet search company with more than 30,000 employees, which acquired a large cellular hardware manufacturer of more than 24,000 employees. A joint company team of business executives and HR analysts developed a new organizational plan by identifying which employees to retain or not, based on a set of established criteria.

OrgChart merged multiple HRIS data sources, then visually worked with the combined data to deliver the visibility, vision, and insights leadership needed. Relevant data from Workday and PeopleSoft (e.g. job titles, performance ratings, compensation amounts), were imported into OrgChart, allowing management to explore various scenarios for budgeting to costs, or reducing role redundancy.

Typically this type of major project would take up to 10 weeks. With OrgChart, the project was completed in only two. Request a demo to see it in action.

Key Features of OrgChart Software for Reorgs and Mergers

  • Data Consolidation: Analyze both organizational structures’ workforces by importing from multiple HRIS data sources.
  • Secure Planning & Sharing: Securely create plans and communicate them to the appropriate audiences at the right time.
  • Drag & Drop Tools: Graphically restructure org charts with ease in real-time with key stakeholders for dynamic presentations of the data.
  • Workforce Analytics: Add a dynamic range of HR metrics to charts, including competencies, span of control, diversity markers, and budget rollups.
  • Multiple Scenarios: Model hypothetical scenarios of important key variables, then refine and compare them to explore “what if?” possibilities.
  • Collaboration Module: Typically various departments of the organization require input into reorgs and mergers. Keep track of the changes with the module specifically built for team planning.

Curious about how OrgChart software could smooth the transition taking place at your organization? Contact our experts to request a demo.