Welcome to the New OrgChart

March 13, 2023

10:35 AM

By OrgChart Team


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In alignment with our mission to deliver the org chart you need, whenever you need it, our company is officially becoming OrgChart in 2023. (Read the FAQs.)

“We talked with over 25,000 HR professionals about what they need, and like our new name, it all begins and ends with the org chart,” said CEO Tom McCarty. “The very nature of HR professionals’ work is about people, for people, by people. It’s astonishingly broad and complex in its scope, yet information technology can help make that work more efficient, effective, and informed.

“This marks more than just a name change for us. We have big plans for how we will continue to delight the thousands of customers that have already partnered with us, and also how we will enhance and deepen their experience with our easy to use, stunning charts.

“Whether you need to raise your visibility of the current organization and structure, layer in rich insights to those views, or create the models for the future mission of the organization, OrgChart is here for you.”

OrgChart helps HR professionals leverage information in support of their efforts to enable the successful execution of business strategy through people by generating organizational charts and facilitating workforce planning initiatives.

“To do this, you must be able to easily and accurately see the people behind the chart,” McCarty said. “We know HR professionals are the experts in their organization’s people. We empower them with the ability to produce the visibility, insights, and vision their organizations need. Becoming OrgChart moves us into alignment with our purpose and is the most authentic expression of who we are and who we are built to serve.”

Welcome to the new OrgChart. See the People.

OrgChart FAQ

What does this change mean for me?

Although our name, fonts, and color palette will change, your product experience, URL, and support team remain the same. We will include notice of the change on our invoices to ensure your service is not interrupted by any confusion around payment during the transition.

We believe this change aligns the OrgChart brand with how we serve our clients, so whether you need organizational visibility or to facilitate a workforce planning exercise, you’ll always know to turn to OrgChart.

What does this mean for my current contract?

Your contract is still with the same legal entity. Though we changed the name of that entity, your contract is still relevant and legally binding.

What is the official company name?

The name has been legally changed, and changes across our invoices, website, and other key areas will occur in phases across the first half of 2023.

What will the new website URL be? Existing web sites such as will be redirected to

Will the URL to the support portal change?

No. It will remain

Will product names change (e.g., OrgChart Now and OrgChart Platinum)?

Not at this time.

How do I contact support?

will be monitored by the technical support team. Emails sent to will be redirected to . Here’s a link to our customer support portal (for customers).

What email address(es) should be used to contact sales?

will be monitored by the sales team. Emails sent to will be redirected to .

Any other emails that will be remapped to the domain?

and will both be remapped to the domain.

What email address(es) should be used to contact marketing?