Let’s Get Together: Be Ready for Anything with OrgChart’s integration with ADP®

March 20, 2023

7:43 PM

By OrgChart Team


Let’s Get Together: Be Ready for Anything with OrgChart's integration with ADP®

“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus, 535 B.C.–475 B.C.

The most important asset of any organization, in any industry, is its workforce. Post-pandemic, HR departments must contend with a host of issues affecting the labor market, from changing demographics to immigration.

Taking a strategic approach to workforce planning helps organizations achieve ambitious business goals, maximize workforce potential, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Amidst so much uncertainty, how can organizations efficiently and effectively find and hire the right people, with the right skills, for the right roles, at the right time?

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find an HR professional who isn’t utilizing at least some data and analytics tools to tackle a wide range of human capital management responsibilities, from recruitment and retention to performance management, compensation, and benefits.

Digital solutions are only truly transformational if they “play well” with others.

As an HR professional, how many times have you pulled from here and added to there, in hopes of putting together a more complete view of your organization? Are data quality issues or security concerns keeping you from accurately visualizing current and future talent? Does the mere mention of a merger, acquisition, or reduction in force send your team into hiding?

Rest assured, we’ve been there and you’ve come to the right place.

OrgChart is HR’s ultimate team player.

OrgChart is a flexible, cloud-based software solution that securely connects with your core ADP platform to automatically generate dynamic organization charts. Leveraging your ADP data, the org charts you generate provide a seamless, real-time view of your organization today — and help you envision what it could be tomorrow.

An ADP Marketplace Partner Award Winner, OrgChart increases HR’s capacity to be more strategic by:

  • Automating routine tasks
  • Promoting data-driven decisions
  • Streamlining recruitment
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Decreasing reliance on IT

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire organization in real-time.

It’s difficult to make informed, strategic business decisions without a holistic, drilled-down view of your corporate structure. Your HR team may face myriad barriers to successfully understanding the makeup of your organization, including:

  • Poor data quality
  • Inaccessible data silos
  • Closed organizational culture
  • Data integration and aggregation

Integrating and aggregating data from various Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to get a comprehensive view of your organization can be especially difficult. While some organizations may be lucky enough to have all their data housed in one HRIS, the reality is that HR must often work with multiple systems to create reports. For example, one might want to compare salary information, held in a payroll system, with performance located in a separate performance management system.

OrgChart accelerates data aggregation and automation.

OrgChart seamlessly integrates with ADP to aggregate data in a clear, visual format. You can pull data directly from your ADP account, and supplement it with data from other compatible HR data systems. OrgChart refreshes data from these sources with a single click to present data-rich visualizations of your organization’s structure.

Some immediate benefits of this integration include:

Automatic data refresh.

OrgChart syncs with ADP automatically on your schedule.

  • Get charts delivered straight to your inbox – no need to sign in.
  • Pull the latest data, whenever you need it, in seconds.

Data-driven design.

OrgChart lets you control the presentation of your chart with data-driven rules.

  • Get insights as to your data quality and easily locate areas for remediation.
  • Save time with automation — no manual formatting needed.

Visualization and customization.

OrgChart lets you view the information you need when you need it.

  • Find employees in your organization using the search criteria that matter to you.
  • Choose what information to include in your search results.
  • View your ADP information on the chart itself or in the customizable profile.
  • Add ADP custom fields or calculations.
  • Customize page layout to optimize pages.
  • Save work-in-progress charts to resume work later.
  • Export customized presentations at any time.

Metric tracking.

With OrgChart’s robust formula creation tools, you can track employee metrics according to your needs.

  • Utilize pre-built formulas to view employee headcount and span of control.
  • Create custom formulas to meet your specifications.
  • Easily calculate salary rollups, remote employees per department, and so much more.

OrgChart represents employee data instantly and dynamically — without manual intervention.

View your ADP information on the chart itself, or in the customizable profile.

“I love how OrgChart integrates with our HRIS, ADP. All information automatically feeds over to the org chart, along with updates, new hires, and terms. It also interfaces with our ATS, Lever, to pull in our open requisitions.”

– Dustie M. (Mid-Market, 51-1000 employees)

Know where your organization is going.

To become invaluable, strategic business partners, innovative HR departments are doing more than executing the C-suite’s plan — they have a seat at the table crafting it. Whether your organization is considering an acquisition, looking to open a new location, or planning a reduction in force, make sure your HR team leads the charge with data-driven insights.

OrgChart elevates scenario planning.

Building and analyzing an organization’s future state before decisions are made: This functionality isn’t always associated with org chart software. However, advancements and cloud computing make it possible for HR leaders to make hypothetical changes in real-time and report findings to applicable stakeholders without affecting the company’s live org chart.

OrgChart will help you:

Visualize the future state.

OrgChart makes it easy to leverage the data you have now to model the organization you want later.

  • Build out future scenarios
  • Adjust reporting lines
  • Calculate current metrics and make changes to progress toward set targets.

Scale up or down.

Tested to support customers with hundreds of thousands of employees, OrgChart is engineered to meet your current and future needs.

  • Support your company from a size of 50 to 500,000
  • Aggregate and automate open roles from multiple data sources
  • View your employees from different regions and data sources at the same time

Share actionable insights.

Whether presenting to the board of directors, management team, or employees, OrgChart provide versatile publishing options to fit your audience.

  • Share charts to the web, print or export to a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive.
  • Provide dynamic presentations where “what if” scenarios are presented to your audience in real time.

Gain an enriched knowledge of the present, allowing for a more confident vision of the future.

“I absolutely love the Builder (Workbench) having this tool empowers Managers to restructure their operations.

Nathalie R. (Enterprise, > 1000 employees)

Know where your organization has been.

Ensuring compliance is one of the most challenging functions of HR. The ever-evolving legal landscape makes compliance time-consuming and complex. In regulated industries — such as banks, pharmaceuticals, and educational organizations — there is often a need to produce a chart for a specific point in time. For example, a response to a legal or audit request might require an org chart to be produced for how the organization was structured on a particular date in history.

OrgChart generates point-in-time reporting for regulatory compliance.

This functionality takes pre-scheduled “snapshots” of org chart data — attendance, turnover, job performance, etc. — in real-time, typically on a weekly or monthly basis. You can then use this information to ensure compliance requirements are met.

By saving historical data in a readily retrievable form for audits and other regulatory controls, OrgChart enables:

Accuracy and visibility.

Due to regularly scheduled data collection, HR knows its records are always up-to-date. HR departments now have a timely and comprehensive view of key compliance metrics, which they can then easily report and share with management and department leaders.

Risk mitigation.

By regularly assessing compliance status, organizations can identify and address potential risks before they turn into bigger issues with costly penalties and fines.


Leaders are more likely to comply with requirements when they have an easy path to doing so. When compliance is an easy metric to measure, an organization’s leaders can focus their time and resources on their core business objectives.

While change takes place over time, you can trust OrgChart to provide clarity at a specific moment in time.

Retrieval of archived charts using the OrgChart’s Point in Time feature.

“OrgChart hooks directly into Active Directory to allow for ‘one source of the truth’ to be used. Our administrative team needed to frequently update Organization Chart information for compliance reports etc. OrgChart makes it happen much more easily.”

– Gary C.K. (Mid-Market, 51-1000 employees)

Recruit the right people, for the right positions, at the right time.

During the pandemic, workforce planning became a critical function for all organizations, regardless of size, industry, or geography. The HR department had to respond to unprecedented changes in the business environment and effectively manage a primarily remote workforce.

With the increasing pace of technological change and disruption in the global economy, workforce planning has become even more critical for organizations to remain competitive and to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

OrgChart facilitates the complex workforce planning initiatives HR departments face.

How can HR best contribute to hiring strategy meetings to inform and guide senior management to approve what’s best for the company’s future? For executives who aren’t in the weeds of HR data on a day-to-day basis, a clear, visual representation of the data is key.

OrgChart data helps uncover and communicate:

Open positions.

Identify and fill open positions quickly and effectively. OrgChart’s Open Positions functionality allows gaps in the organization to be easily highlighted and visualized.

  • Switch the status of an employee or job title
  • Adjust conditional formatting so open positions are instantly identified by color.
  • Toggle between statuses – Employee, Candidate, Decline, Open Position.

See the effect open positions have on the budget and headcount for that group.

Skills and qualifications.
Get a holistic view of your organization’s job skills and qualifications.

  • Import entire lists of candidates into the Staging Area from a spreadsheet to visualize the options for filling an open position.
  • Display which metrics of potential candidates are important, including employee rating, salary, and years at the company.
  • Transport employees to different groups within the organization and slide them into different positions in the reporting structure.

Mind the gap. Rise to the challenge of filling open positions by easily recognizing, monitoring, and planning changes to your workforce.

OrgChart department-level overview of current and open positions.

“The only org chart software you need! It was important for all of the organizations that we had a top-down and bottom-up view of the organization. We have used the software to understand the span of control and ultimately organizational design.”

– Jillian P. (Mid-Market, 51-1000 employees)

We’ve got your workforce covered.

Understanding the future is difficult. Getting an automated, accurate, and customizable org chart that works with your current HR data shouldn’t be. OrgChart’s integration with ADP ensure that actionable insights to pertinent business questions are just a few clicks away.

ADP integration

  • ADP Workforce Now® (current version)
  • ADP TotalSource®

Integration type

  • Import data from ADP
  • Single Sign-On from ADP MyApps
  • Automatically import photos from employee profiles

Application type

  • Data Connector

Data sync frequency

  • Set your org charts to sync with your data source(s) daily, weekly, or monthly. Or, refresh your charts on-demand to see updates to your data flow into org chart automatically and as needed.

Data fields

  • OrgChart can read many fields (including custom fields) that are associated with the Worker Profile.

Don’t stress the small stuff.

OrgChart is No. 1 in support (seriously, read the reviews). Our knowledgeable experts love to help businesses solve their HR challenges and help guide them to the right solution.

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“Workforce strategy, budgets, succession planning, career pathing, I use it for everything and it saves me tons of time every week. Not only is the product UX/UI fantastic, but the customer support is top-notch, fastest ticket turnaround times I have seen!”

– Andy T. (Enterprise, > 1000 employees)

“The software is very easy to use and integrates seamlessly with our ADP WorkforceNow. OrgChart personnel assisted with the implementation process and made it stress-free.”

– Verified User (Mid-Market, 51-1000 employees)

“OrgChart allows our users to quickly and easily view our company’s constantly changing structure. Their IT support staff were personable, patient, and knowledgeable.”

-Verified User (Enterprise, > 1000 employees)

Be ready for anything.

OrgChart is your partner in workforce planning. For more than 10 years, Fortune 500 companies such as Google, IBM, and Salesforce have reaped the benefits of our org chart software.

We’re here to simplify and streamline HR processes, so you can focus on core business strategies, no matter what the future holds.

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