Discover the Power of OrgChart with Paylocity

April 13, 2023

11:42 PM

By OrgChart Team


OrgChart now integrates with Paylocity

Announcing the Power of OrgChart with Paylocity

Discover an unparalleled way to visualize and comprehend your organization with OrgChart’s direct API integration with Paylocity, the game-changing innovation for your workforce management.

OrgChart, the premier org chart automation software, revolutionizes how you visualize and analyze your organization. With seamless HRIS integrations, OrgChart allows Paylocity users to effortlessly generate and share org charts as PDFs, PowerPoint slides, or even through a convenient weblink. This ensures smooth communication with teams and stakeholders, making keeping everyone on the same page easier than ever.

One of OrgChart’s many standout features is its focus on privacy and data protection. With OrgChart, you can conduct planning exercises confidentially while safeguarding employees’ sensitive data. Design your own data-driven views, showcasing the information that matters most to you, and smoothly switch between each presentation using OrgChart’s interactive filtering and capabilities.

OrgChart’s robust automation simplifies the process of creating and maintaining an up-to-date, polished org chart. The newly introduced Paylocity integration lets you import employee data directly into OrgChart and personalize your chart layout and design. This gives you an accurate, real-time representation of your workforce in minutes. OrgChart’s interactive drill-down functionality allows you to readily access or add in-depth employee information to optimize workforce visualization management.

OrgChart CEO Tom McCarty expressed his enthusiasm for the new integration: “We’re excited to offer our customers the Paylocity integration, which helps streamline the org chart creation process and provides valuable insights into their workforce.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize how you understand and manage your organization. Request a demo today to witness the unmatched insights OrgChart with Paylocity integration can provide and generate visually stunning org charts in just a few simple clicks. Elevate your organization’s workforce management to the next level with OrgChart and Paylocity – a powerful duo that delivers exceptional results.”