G2 Badges Highlight OrgChart’s Rapid ROI and Ease of Implementation

December 18, 2023

2:06 PM

By OrgChart Team


OrgChart G2 Badges

Power up your HR game with OrgChart, the winner of seven G2 badges. From “Fastest Implementation” to “Best Estimated ROI,” OrgChart gives you the chart you need.

OrgChart CEO Tom McCarty attributes these accolades to the company’s dedication to serving the unique needs of HR professionals: “In a world of ever-expanding options, these G2 awards serve as the social evidence OrgChart delivers on its promise to provide a world-class workforce planning and visualization solution. We’re happy to see that our clients are finding our solution both easy to implement and that OrgChart offers a quick return on their investment.”

Created for organizations of all sizes, OrgChart serves HR professionals who need to efficiently generate accurate org charts on an ongoing basis and conduct workforce planning exercises. OrgChart is designed specifically to help HR professionals create, manage, and visualize their company structure. With a focus on ease of use, flexibility, and powerful features, OrgChart enables them to improve organizational visibility and streamline decision-making.

These G2 awards are based on user reviews and feedback, highlighting the real-world impact OrgChart has on its customers. G2 is a renowned platform where businesses can discover, review, and manage software and services, and being awarded these badges by G2 indicates OrgChart has not only met but exceeded customer expectations in terms of ease of doing business, support, and overall satisfaction.

“We are incredibly honored to receive these G2 badges, which truly reflect our dedication to the HR professionals’ experience of OrgChart,” said McCarty. “We have big plans to improve on that experience, both with our support and implementation teams and within the product itself. Stay tuned!”

By earning the prestigious G2 badges, OrgChart has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction and world-class support, continually striving to enhance its software and services for the benefit of HR professionals.

The company announced a rebrand in March of 2023, with a user experience and interface redesign release slated for later this year.

About OrgChart:

OrgChart is an org chart visualization and workforce planning solution built for HR professionals and the people leaders they support. OrgChart enables them to produce sophisticated org charts and better facilitate workforce planning initiatives. Unlike manual diagramming tools, impersonal org chart solutions, and inflexible HCMs; OrgChart provides purpose-built, scalable capabilities at a reasonable price point, with a low-lift implementation that integrates directly with your existing HR platforms.

Beyond charts and diagrams, OrgChart empowers HR professionals by offering visibility, insight, and vision into their organization.

Illuminate Your Organization: Visibility isn’t just headcounts and titles. OrgChart paints a vibrant picture of your human capital, capturing skills, experiences, and relationships. Uncover hidden talent, optimize teams, and ensure the right people are in the right positions.

Navigate With Data-Driven Insights: Go beyond gut instincts. OrgChart transforms raw data into actionable insights. Identify performance trends, predict bottlenecks, and make informed decisions with confidence. Attrition risk, succession planning, and talent development—OrgChart guides you every step of the way.

Shape the Future of Your Workforce: Vision isn’t just wishful thinking. OrgChart lets you model tomorrow, today. Explore scenarios, simulate

OrgChart enables businesses to improve communication, streamline decision-making, and foster collaboration, with a focus on ease of use, flexibility, best in class security, and powerful visual tools.