Unlocking HR Data Integrity for Organizational Change

September 25, 2019

2:59 PM

By OrgChart Team


Data Integrity in HR Projects

Whether it be mergers, spin-offs, delayering, downsizing, or gearing up for rapid growth, data integrity problems can significantly delay or even prevent organizations from achieving their desired goals.

The Persistent Problem with HR Data

According to the Data Warehousing Institute, poor data quality costs American businesses an astounding $600 billion annually. This detriment significantly contributes to the failure of HR projects. The issue of poor data quality comes into play in approximately 80 percent of all organizational change projects, posing a serious problem that prevents the capture of an organization’s current workforce state and thwarts both modeling and end-state predictions.

Data quality problems are often reflected in broken hierarchies, duplicate personnel records, misclassified positions, open positions, and incorrect or missing dotted-line reporting relationships. By effectively resolving these data integrity issues, organizational change projects can be significantly expedited.

Overcoming Data Challenges in Organizational Change Projects

One of our clients, a large internet search company, encountered a significant roadblock when poor data quality stalled its merger with a telecom equipment manufacturer. With the aid of OrgChart, the team assembled a complete view of its organizations, visualized its merging workforces, and ultimately carried the merger to completion in a short time frame.

Similar success was achieved with a major television network client struggling with data-related problems during succession planning. With a comprehensive roadmap provided by OrgChart to correct all data gaps, it successfully completed its succession planning endeavors.

The OrgChart Solution

At OrgChart, we employ an agile, predictive process to manage and correct data quality issues. Our approach revolves around two primary components:

  1. Setting the Stage: Clarity on the outcome and data requirements.
  2. Gathering the Data: Assembly and analysis of organizational data.

We help our clients by confirming data requirements, assessing data quality, resolving anomalies and data issues, supporting organizational modeling, and proactively reconciling and monitoring issues.

Why Choose OrgChart?

Our team, armed with extensive expertise in managing data integrity for organizational change initiatives, empowers you to concentrate on your organizational change project without being sidetracked by data anomalies. In a rapidly changing world, OrgChart provides the clarity and insights that HR professionals need to drive strategic workforce planning. Say goodbye to data fragmentation and hello to unified, accessible, and insightful people data.

Highlighting Contractors in OrgChart

OrgChart enables you to visualize your organization’s current state and forecast the future state. Align your structure with strategic goals, collaborate in real-time with key stakeholders, and prepare for significant people-related changes with our robust features.

With OrgChart, you can visualize employee data from multiple systems in one place, filter and highlight data in real time, and embed live charts into your intranet or SharePoint. More than just charts, we help you uncover meaningful insights from complex people data, enabling informed decision making.

Planning for Headcount and Salary

Optimize your workforce planning with OrgChart. Navigate shifting policies, regulations, and competitive environments with confidence. Collaborate with key stakeholders to develop actionable plans in real time, always synchronized with your current HR data.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your org charts and drive successful workforce planning initiatives? Request a quote today!